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Discover the art of locs at A’Queen’s Jewels Loc Haven. We offer Traditional Locs for timeless elegance, Micro Locs for precision, and Coils for unique character. Your loc journey, your style – we're here to help you express it.

Explore the world of versatile and natural locs with our specialized services. Let our experts guide you in creating and maintaining locs that define your individuality. Your hair tells your unique story, and we're here to help you make it unforgettable.

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Loc Consultation

The consultation session, affords us the opportunity to discuss type of loc, sizing, method of starting locs, pros and cons between interlocking and palm rolling, early care instructions for baby locs, and more. It is important that you and I as loctician have the same vision for the process. **Available in installments: 4 payments of $12.50 with **

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Traditional Locs

Micro Locs


Starts at $950
Microlocs are a great alternative to Sisterlocks and more cost effective if you’re on a budget. Micro locs are smaller than traditional locs and sometimes bigger than Sisterlocks. Microlocs can be started by interlocking, two strand twists, braids, and even with coils.
Microlocs Installations Start at $950 for the first 5 Inches of Hair. The price will increase $100 for every inch over 5. A $50 non refundable deposit required. The deposit goes towards service rendered. **Available in installments: 4 payments of $237.50 with**

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Starting at $125
The final session will be scheduled for 4 weeks after the Locking Session. Microlocs will be assessed and retightened. If there is any unraveling or slippage, the consultant will correct it.
Based price for MicroLoc retightening is $125. Price will increase if more than 6 weeks between last retightening. **Available in installments: **

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MicroLoc Extension

Starts at $800
Permanent Loc extensions is a technique that transforms your loose natural hair into beautiful natural looking locs or extends the length of your current Locs. You can start them with as little as 2 inches of natural hair depending on your hair characteristics. Base price is $800. **Available in installments: 4 payments of $200.00 with **

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MicroLoc Repair

Starts at $0.00

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Two-Strand Twist

Starts at $125
The two-strand twist is a popular style for natural hair that is achieved by splitting a section of hair into two and then creating a rope-like appearance by wrapping each section around the other one. **Available in installments: 4 payments of $31.25 with**

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Comb Twist

Starts at $115

**Available in installments: 4 payments of $28.75 with**

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