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Welcome to A’Queen’s Jewels Loc Haven FAQs, your source for answers about our loc services. Get clarity and guidance on your loc journey with answers to commonly asked questions.

We're all about transparency. If our FAQs don't cover your queries, reach out to us for personalized support. Your journey to beautifully crafted locs that reflect your style is our priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional locs?

Traditional locs are a natural hairstyle achieved by allowing the hair to coil and mat together over time. They are often created by methods like palm rolling, twisting, or freeform.

How long does it take to grow traditional locs?

The time it takes to grow traditional locs varies depending on your hair type and the method used. It can take several months to a few years to achieve mature, well-formed locs.

Do traditional locs require a lot of maintenance?

Traditional locs can be low-maintenance, but they do require regular care. This includes washing, retwisting or palm rolling, and occasionally, grooming to keep them clean and tidy.

What are coil locs?

Coil locs are a type of traditional loc that is created by twisting small sections of hair into coils. This method results in well-defined, uniform locs.

How small are coil locs typically made?

Coil locs are usually created using small sections of hair, typically around pencil-sized or smaller. This creates neat and defined locs.

How do I maintain coil locs?

Coil locs require regular maintenance, which includes retwisting and grooming to keep them looking neat. You may also need to use products to prevent frizz and promote healthy loc growth.

Are coil locs suitable for all hair types?

Coil locs can be achieved on a variety of hair types, but they may require different methods or products based on your hair's texture and curl pattern.

What are micro locs?

Micro locs are extremely small traditional locs that are meticulously created using tiny sections of hair. They result in a densely packed, intricate loc pattern.

What is the difference between micro locs and traditional locs?

Micro locs are much smaller in diameter compared to traditional locs. They create a denser pattern and may require more meticulous care and maintenance.

Do micro locs need special care or products?

Micro locs can benefit from specialized products to maintain their small size and neat appearance. Regular maintenance, palm rolling, or twisting is essential to keep them looking well-groomed.

How should I care for my Loc Extensions?

Proper care for Loc Extensions involves regular maintenance to keep them clean, moisturized, and secure. Consult with your stylist for specific care instructions.

How often should I re-twist and style my locs?

The frequency of re-twisting and styling your locs depends on your hair type and personal preference. Some people do it every few weeks, while others do it less frequently.

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